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    10X representation is all I know!

    10X representation is all I know!

    My interest in Real Estate has developed over time and my own personal experiences. Over the course of 10 years of buying, renovating, and then selling personal properties, I discovered that the selling of a home was performed with the least amount of effort on the part of the listing agent.

    I tried to list my home as an owner, but received nothing but half price offers and calls from agents simply wanting to list my house, all proposing the same minimal representation in doing so. I knew that the selling of homes could be done better and I dedicated myself to learning how to market homes more effectively.

    I have a bachelor’s degree in communications and a MBA in business management. I also am a Journeyman Union Lineman, so I know how to absolutely work my butt off. I earned the equivalent of a doctorate’s degree in marketing which allows me to get your property out to 100k+ buyers through social media getting you more offers quicker. I will make incredible videos that showcase your videos so everyone will have the ability to feel like they are on a virtual tour of your home creating more offers! There are no other brokers with my abilities in social media marketing.

    I found the edge that other real estate brokers are lacking and I discovered profound success while offering my help to several local real estate brokers. The results were beyond impressive. However, I realized the agents didn’t know how keep the momentum of these marketing techniques going, and I realized that I had a valuable set of tools and techniques I could offer that far surpassed all the outdated marketing more commonly seen.

    Gone are the days of for-sale signs in the front yard, paper flyers in a box, and not promoting open houses correctly that yield few offers. This outdated approach to marketing has been the standard for the last 20 years! But I have the ability to bring sellers an updated, cutting-edge, and powerful marketing technique that gives a home the attention needed to gain interest, attention, desire and buyer offers that trump traditional brokers.

    My ability to market properties outside of the common, outdated conventions is a skill I am passionate to provide, and I know how much it’s needed because I sought it out for myself and was unable to find it while selling my own properties. I am passionate about helping people get their home advertised to tens of thousands of the most highly targeted social media audiences out there.

    At the end of the day, I see myself in every seller out there. I am someone who wanted exceptional service in a real estate agent, but all I found was lack of creativity, skill, and under-representation. Those days are gone now. I am committed to keeping my value to a client second to none.

    I offer 10 times the representation and I am doing what no other realtors are doing and successfully changing the real estate industry for the best! I can successfully market and sell a home; that home could be yours.

    Jackson Wilkey
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