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One easy way to declutter is to throw away ALL of the items you don’t need, aren’t using, won’t fit into, have expired, etc. We all have these items in our homes, and they take up valuable space. I promise you won’t miss that butter dish you’re no longer using and saving it for your kids who don’t want it doesn’t need to occur. Yes friends, this is an actual conversation that occurred in my home, because let’s be honest for a minute every household has one person who wants to throw everything away, and one person who wants to keep it all. The question is what should you get rid of. Thanks to Dwell Beautiful that is a question we are going to answer.


  • EXCESS DISHWARE - When my husband and I combined households we found that we had 4 colanders, a bazillion mixing bowls, more glasses than one household needs and so much more.
  • EXPIRED FOOD AND CANNED GOODS - If your pantry is like mine it’s the place where good food goes to die. Seriously, whoever designed my pantry wasn’t thinking. It’s just a bunch of deep shelving where you shove things into never to see them again. Plus no one wants to eat stale crackers or get sick from expired soup.
  • NOVELTY KITCHEN ITEMS AKA UNITASKERS - If you’re a fan of Alton Brown’s show Good Eats, you’ve probably heard him talk about unitaskers. They are those kitchen gadgets you just have to have or are gifted, that get buried and you forget you have them.


  • CLOTHING - If you have items in your closet that have been there for over 10 years they’ve probably gone out of style (unless it’s a classic like a trenchcoat, little black dress, you get my drift), or perhaps it’s that pair of pants you’ve been holding on to for the past 5 years because you swear you’ll fit into them again.
  • BRIDESMAID DRESSES AND OLD COSTUMES - I promise you are never going to wear that bridesmaids dress with the puffy sleeves that is the worst shade of pink you’ve ever seen again, and those old costumes, are you really going to be Doogie Houser, MD again?
  • SHOES - This one pains me because I’m a shoe lover, but if you’ve got shoes that hurt your feet when you wear them you should get rid of them. Why? Because you’re staring at them loving them in your closet but as soon as you put them on you’re like nope and change into a different pair of shoes. They’re taking up space my friend.


  • DVDS/CDS - OMG, we have a collection of this stuff in our house. The truth is pretty much everything you want to watch or listen to is on the Internet.
  • BOOKS- I am a book lover so this one is hard, however I only have so much space in my home for books so, I keep the ones I love and donate the others to my local little lending library.

I could go on because there were 75 things listed, however that would mean this blog would be longer than either you or I would like it to be. If you’d like to see the full list you can find it here. In the meantime, happy decluttering.


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