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$9.3 Billion Budget for Oregon’s Public Schools Approved By House

Oregon’s 2-year $9.3 Billion School Aid Budget (for public schools) recently was passed by the state House on June 3rd. Having already passed the Senate on May 25th, the budget now goes over to Governor Kate Brown for her signature.

Above Brown’s initially proposed budget of $9.1 Billion, the $9.3 Billion Budget passed with a 36-20 vote. This came after the Republican Reps failed to convince the rest of the house to send the budget back to a committee to add $300 million to the two years, beginning on July 1st.

After a year that consisted primarily of distance learning, followed by a co-hort hybrid schedule, this budget aims to help public schools as they prepare to welcome students back full-time in the fall of this year. There is still a chance that the schools will see the extra money that was denied, as the state budget is not the only area that contributes to school funding. The $9.3 Billion will be combined with an estimated $4.6 Billion in property taxes, to be disbursed to 197 school districts throughout the state. Schools also receive funding from the Oregon Lottery proceeds and marijuana tax. Another area we may see more money come in to the schools would be any potential overage from the corporate activity tax, which began in 2020, Though the official numbers won’t be in until around September 22nd, the current projection is around $664 million in excess corporate income tax collections.

It will be interesting to see how the numbers break down. This is a big budget, but when you think about it. there are a lot of schools within those 197 districts. Where would you like to see funding allocated in your school district (i.e. safety, curriculum, remodeling, etc) and why?

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