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Construction to Begin on Vancouver’s Latest Affordable Housing Project

Moving forward! This past month the City Council in Vancouver approved an affordable housing funding contract with Housing Initiative that would allow the Elwood Project to be developed on NE Fourth Plain Boulevard.

Using the $850,000 that was approved to give to the Vancouver Housing Authority to assist with the cost, Housing Initiative will pair that money with money provided through tax cuts, a loan, and money from the county’s behavioral health funding.

How does behavioral health tie in? Through affordable housing. The Elwood Project consists of four three-story buildings, yielding a total of 46 units. Half of those units are to go to people in the community who are homeless and require behavioral health services.

Another facet of this project that I find interesting is that according to the Vancouver Business Journal, this is the first affordable housing project that is being built on land that is commercially zoned. For those in Oregon who have been waiting to see the effects of HB 2001, which essentially eliminates single family zoning in some areas, this will be something to keep in eye on in regards to the smoothness in the building process, as well as community reaction. Building is supposed to begin this month.

How do you think the construction of the Elwood will help or hinder the Vancouver community?

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