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Demands Amidst City Growth

As Portland grows, residents have begun demanding more… at least according to an interesting study done by Portland Monthly. Some of the more intriguing “demands” that are being made were noted, and if they were realistic enough to make happen. Here’s a list and overview of what was concluded:

  1. Water Taxis– Instead of an hour bus ride to get  across the river, why not invest in water taxis? The idea would include multiple taxi docks where people could board and quickly cross the river without taking the long way around or sitting in traffic! However, multiple studies have said this method wouldn’t be cost-effective and would have limited access points that would also congested. For this to be considered, the model would need to be made more financially viable and traffic would need to increase by a lot more.
  2. Underground Subway System-  With max and other public transport taking up road space, there’s no feasible way to increase the sizes of most streets and freeways. There’s no denying that the above ground “train” takes up a significant amount of consistent space, with it’s two-way rail system, stop seating and parking as well space allocated purely for safety purposes. Not to mention, it would potentially cut down on commute times as it could avoid above ground congestion. However, the idea was rejected due to it’s $2.2 billion dollar price tag.
  3. Truly Great Sushi- Another demand was for better sushi options. In general, Portland is seen as a sushi “conveyor-belt” town with only a few exceptions. People want better sushi options but aren’t ready to pay the “LA” Price.
  4. A Night Mayor- Cities across the world are designating “Night Mayors,” aka official voices for nightclubs, bars, cafés, music venues, and party people generally. But, why does Portland need one? Nightlife businesses want greater links to local government, police, and transportation services. Apparently, the metro transit system essentially stops running before closing time and police tension has dogged the party scene.

While most of these ideas seem petty and unrealistic, there is some truth behind the need! It will be interesting to see how these (and future ideas) play out as our “weird” City grows. Check out the full article by Portland Monthly here!


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