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Generous Donation Expands Portland Audubon

On July 29th, local real estate investor Marty Kehoe and his family joined members from the Portland Audubon Society, as well as City Commissioner, Nick Fish for an ivy cutting ceremony celebrating the generous donation the family made.

Originally scheduled to be developed for housing, Kehoe instead donated 22 acres of land he owned near Forest Park to the Audubon Society, expanding upon the Audubon’s vast 172 acres they currently own. His only request? That the remaining mortgage of $200,000 be paid off, which the Audubon Society accomplished through the help of other Audubon donors.

Valued at $14 million, the undeveloped land will be developed and restored by the City of Portland, who hopes to open new trails to the public. This enormous acquisition is spectacular news to those championing land preservation and love hiking the educational trails in the park.

Do you agree with the Kehoe’s decision to donate the land for ecological use, or do you believe that the 22 acres should have gone toward housing development?

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