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Get Outdoors in PDX! Upcoming Areas to Explore in 2018

February is coming to an end, and despite the snow that has been falling, I can feel it. Spring is in the air and right around the corner! What does this mean? Well, for all of you (me) who have been waiting to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery, the time is coming. While you are making plans on where you want to have your next excursion in Portland, considering these three projects that will be available to enjoy this year:


Alberta Park “Nature Patch”

Located at NE 22nd Avenue and Killingsworth, Alberta Park is being improved by Portland Parks and Recreation to have a “more ecologically diverse natural landscape.” This 16.7 acre park has a new gravel path, log and boulder seating areas, and is expected to have an addition of around 6,000 plants including cascara trees, ponderosa pines, and big leaf Maples. Portland Parks and Recreation say that, “These enhancements not only add beauty and natural elements to explore, but improve habitat for birds and other native pollinators.” If you love to volunteer and are interested in helping with the new park improvements, there is an opportunity this weekend (Saturday February 24th) from 9Am-12PM to help with the planting. You can RSVP with the Columbia Slough Watershed Council here.


The Green Loop

Everything I read about Portland’s Green Loop Project suggests a purpose of connectedness and equity. It is a goal of the city to increase the amount of time that people spend in the central city, so this loop is designed with that in mind. On the website for the Green Loop, it is stated that,” The Green Loop proposes to advance equity by expanding access to cultural attractions and destinations in the Central City. It will improve safety for pedestrians, runners, rollers and bicyclists at all skill levels and increase inclusivity for similar projects in communities throughout the city.”

What are some of the destinations that the 10K run Green Loop connects you to? Some examples include the Portland Art Museum, Union Station, the Moda Center, Powell’s City of Books, and the Pearl District. You can obtain a preview of the loop on July 22nd, as 70% of the project (minus some areas like the Sullivan Gulch crossing over I-84) will be completed and available for you to enjoy car-free!


Swimming the Willamette River Part 2

Last year saw the opening of Poet’s Beach, located along the west bank of the Willamette in the shadow of the Marquam bridge. It was met with mixed reception, however, if you love the accessibility and taking a dip in the Willamette, you will have to head over to the eastside equivalent this summer: Duckworth Dock. You can find Duckworth Dock just off the Vera Katz Esplanade. Happy swimming!


What outdoor excursions or openings are you looking forward to exploring this year?

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