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Hillsboro ADU Code Changes In Response to HB2001

The way is being paved to make owning an accessory dwelling unit in Hillsboro easier. With the passing of House Bill 2001, cities have had to remove certain portions of code requirements for ADUs in areas that were zoned for single-family homes. For example, it can no longer be required that a home owner occupy the property’s ADU themselves, and they no longer are required to provide the one off-street parking space minimum for the ADU.

These changes, which were adopted on November 19, 2019 unanimously by the Hillsboro City Council were required of Hillsboro to make through Metro as a condition from last year’s approval for the Witch Hazel Village South urban growth boundary expansion.

This code adoption bring’s the city’s code in line with the State’s new laws, but it is the hopes of some residents that this will lead to further change in ADU codes. It was said by City Councilor Anthony Martin, who is hoping more barriers can be removed to owners who want to build ADUs,” We need to examine this code further. It’s a weak market and there aren’t a lot of places where they can be built, so where they can, we want to be able to allow them.”

November 19ths code adoption was the first phase in Hillsboro’s compliance with HB2001, as the deadline for this compliance is January 1, 2020. The second deadline, which is June 30, 2022, addresses HB2001’s requirement that cities in the Metro area allow multi-family housing in any area that was originally zoned for single-family housing. At this time it is unknown when Hillsboro will address this portion  of HB2001.


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