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Home Energy Scores Coming to Hillsboro?

At tomorrow’s June 15th meeting, Hillsboro City Council members will take a vote on whether to implement a Home Energy Score policy for the City of Hillsboro.

If approved, there would be a second vote required at the next City Council meeting, to be held on July 6, 2021. Prior to tomorrow’s meeting, feedback was gathered from city members, resulting in around 700 comments regarding home energy scores.

A home energy score is a report that lets home owners know what the efficiency of their home is. It provides recommended improvements that could improve a home’s energy usage as well save a homeowner money when it comes to what they spend in utilities.

If Hillsboro were to adopt a home energy score requirement, home owners that are preparing to sell their home would be required to obtain a home energy score report and disclose it in the listing for their home. The thought is that this would allow potential buyers to make a more informed decision when purchasing a home.

Currently, Multnomah County requires sellers to obtain and disclose their home’s energy score.

Does a home’s energy score factor into your home buying decisions?

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