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Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxurious Retreat

It may not be the heart of the home, but it sure is the best place to hide from the kids, catch up on the latest news, and lol at the latest update your friend made on social media. Yes, you guessed it, the bathroom. Honorable mention goes out to reading sporting magazines, nailing that tough Sudoku puzzle, and figuring out life’s biggest mysteries/solving all of your problems. Anyway, back to it. The bathroom. Home value. Adding value to your home via having an amazing bathroom. You may laugh, but a stellar bathroom remodel can bring in some good money when you go to sell your home. Here are some tips to consider for your bathroom remodel, and design ideas:

The Obvious

What is the obvious? Budget! First step is to budget for your design. How much are you planning on remodeling? A couple tips for budgeting. If you are looking to save money, don’t tackle the project of moving plumbing around. It can add a lot of money to your project, and you may end up having to skimp on the more important portions of your remodel, like the shower system. Instead, consider refinishing some of your already existing fixtures, such as your bathtub, shower, sink, or tile. You will spend a fraction of the price and you won’t have to endure a bathroom that is torn up for an extended period of time. Just how important is that second sink? Can you get away with one sink and more counter space? Some of the most effective yet cheapest updating you can do in a bathroom are to change out your hardware such as the drawer pulls, faucet handles, shower heads, towel racks, etc. Just be sure to use the same finish (i.e. brushed nickel, aged bronze, or stainless steel) so that everything looks consistent.


Turn Up the Lights

Lighting plays a big part in the bathroom experience. For example, low lighting sets the mood for a hot relaxing bath, while bright lighting works well for shaving, putting on make up, and bemoaning the latest wrinkle to appear. Sconce lighting at eye level is a great way to get even lighting for your face, but don’t throw out the value of fashionable sconces, skylights, or lighting you can attach to those fun dimmers with the built in fan timer. Have fun with it, and plan for what meets your needs.

Ventilate! Ventilate! Ventilate!

Maybe it’s because I am in a house full of boys, or maybe I just like good air flow. Either way, ventilation is so important in a bathroom. Any remodeling you have done, any standing area you have, can be undone by the moisture that causes mold and mildew. A good standard is for any bathroom 100sf or smaller to have one CFM per square foot. CFM is just the fancy way of abbreviating Cubic feet per Minute, which is a measure of airflow. The more square footage you have in your bathroom, the more CFMs you will need. Ventilation doesn’t just help with the moisture. Unless you want to own stock in Bath and Body Works, it can also help with dissipating the smell. Ladies, you know what I mean.

The Functional and the Luxurious in Design

Working with a small space? Make it feel bigger with your lighting strategy, and save space with scaled back fixturing such as pedestal sinks. Being creative with your storage can also help. If possible, take advantage of the vertical space and take the cabinetry up the wall. A trend that is beginning to gain popularity and can also make your bathroom feel larger is a no threshold shower. Having a curbless shower not only maximizes your space, but it also ups the appeal to homeowners that desire accessibility for either themselves, other family members, or just want it in case they sell the home down the line. On a side note, other features that encourage accessibility are comfort height toilets, vanities, side mounted faucets, and a combo bathtub shower wet room. Floating vanities are also great for accessibility. Not only can they look like art, but their height can be easily customized.

Luxury!  No longer are showers taken to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat! People want music! They want TVs! They want warm towels and feet! Essentially, more and more people are looking to make their master bath into a spa retreat. On the semi-practical end of luxury is the popularity of the deluxe shower. The large bathtubs of the last few decades are beginning to be shunned in favor of showers that feature multiple shower heads (some of the rain variety), with built in benches and close towel racks (preferably the heated ones). Maybe I am just old school, but the idea of a chandelier above my soaking tub or any type of fireplace (see through or not) is a little much for me. Something I can get behind? Radiant floor heat! The stuff that keeps your feet warm. It is also energy efficient (which makes me feel like I am going green) and comes in two types, electric and hydroponic (water). While electric is the easiest to install, in the long run hydroponic is the more affordable to operate. The difference besides the obvious? Electric can run off your home’s electrical system, while hydroponic requires a separate power source like a heat pump to run the water through the pipes making it more expensive to install. Either way, your feet are warm and you are living in luxury!

The Weird

I feel like this is the honorable mention category, but I had to bring this up because I couldn’t believe it when I was reading about it. Are pet friendly bathrooms really becoming a thing? Like dog washing stations (not horrible, but I wouldn’t want in my master bath) and built in kitty litter boxes (Ew). Yes, I take responsibility for my views and have nothing against pets. I love pets. I just don’t know if I want them in my shower. Maybe it is just because I am more of the wash them with the hose outside or pretend I can keep affording to take them to a groomer where the mess stays there type. Now I am all anxious worrying if I am a horrible person because I don’t want my pet in my imaginary fantasy master bathroom suite. I’ll get over it eventually.

What do you think? Pro pet friendly bathroom or the pets wash outside type? If you could put one luxury in your bathroom, what would it be?

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