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Ways to Add Space and Light into Your Home

Looking for some ways to make your home feel light and spacious without breaking the bank? Here are some ways to maximize the natural light your home gets:

  1. Stop blocking the windows!

Sometimes even the most well intentioned décor can be the cause of lighting problems. This includes large curtain bars and drapes that may make the movie you are watching look better, but does nothing for letting in the light. As most people do enjoy privacy, a solution may be running two thinner bars with two different styles of drapes, the interior being a lighter material that lets more light through, but the exterior being slightly thicker. If you tie the thicker portions up to the side, it can be a nice statement piece while giving you the option of how much light comes through. It also won’t look heavy when you, guests, or potential buyers walk through your home. Part of keeping windows is upkeep, so make sure that grime is cleaned up so that your windows have more time to shine.

2. Have your house and your yard become friends

A cheap way to make sure that you are letting your home take in the maximum amount of light is to check in periodically to see if your yard is trying to invade your home. Strategically trimming your trees and bushes around the home can help filter sunlight through the foliage and into the house.

3. Get some color!

Keep an eye out for good sales on paint! When you have darkly painted walls, they absorb the light that you are getting. If possible, embrace the color wheel, or play it safe with white, as those paints tend to reflect the light more than the dark tones.

4. Bring your flooring in on the fun

While darker carpeting helps hide stains and other traffic well, it does nothing for the light in your home. Following the same idea as paint, darker carpeting also tends to soak up the light. Alternatively, surfaces such as tile and gleaming hardwoods bounce the light back up, creating a light and spacious feel.

5. Glass can be stylish

Ok, I will admit, this is something that not everyone embraces, and sometimes I have a hard time embracing it as well. Can you replace walls and things with glass? Yes. Is it the most popular? Meh. However, it will allow more light to come in, and when done well, looks great. If you aren’t a fan of a lot of glass in the home, some opportunities for use would be in glass storm doors or glass windows in your front door, or areas in your kitchen design such as some cabinets having glass doors to showcase gorgeous china dishes or other treasures.

6. Install a Skylight:

Also known as a great way to use glass without feeling like you have stepped back a couple decades. Also a semi-green option which earns points with the eco-friendly and saves you some dollars on your electricity bill. Best places to put a skylight would be areas that don’t tend to get a lot of natural light. Obviously this depends on the layout of your home, but some ideas are in the bathrooms, hallway corridors, living space, or walk in closets.

7. Go Big with your Windows

One of the best features in some of the older homes, and granted some today, are the big bay windows. Can they be a pain to clean? Sure, but the benefits outweigh that. Not only do you get a large amount of natural light in the home, but you get to see outside, and in Oregon, there is usually a good amount of gorgeous greenery to take a look at. If you have a home with smaller windows, going somewhat bigger is going to help let in the light.

8. Raise the Roof

Ok, not really. You can enlarge a room by taking out a wall, or raising your ceilings by eliminating the attic. This isn’t something I would recommend if you need that insulation or storage space above. However, it does help with the feeling of space. Personally, I like taking out the wall option more, but only if it makes sense for your layout, and only if it genuinely will help with space and light.

9. Mirror House

Do you like to decorate some of your walls with inherited or stylish mirrors? If so, are you maximizing their use? Mirrors reflect light well, and if placed in optimal spots, they can help add to the feeling of light in your home.

10. Check your Wattage

What type of bulbs are you using in your light fixtures? Are they eco-friendly? Does the home feel dim? Maybe you need to play around with the wattage of bulbs you use, or perhaps it is time to add a cute standing lamp or ceiling fixture. If you constantly feel like you have to strain to see things in your home, it might be time to check the wattage.

What are your favorite ways to maximize the amount of natural light your home gets?

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