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Will Your Address Change in 2020?

If you live in Portland east of Naito Parkway, brace yourself; change may be coming. We all know that Portland is divided into five sections: North, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast. Yet have you heard of South Portland? If not, you may want to look into it, because it may be here to stay.

The City of Portland is considering creating a South Portland area within the section of the city east of Naito Parkway. Why would they do this? To help emergency response. Apparently this change has been requested by both law enforcement and emergency personnel, who claim they are experiencing delays for emergency services response time in that part of the city. What would cause that? Part of the problem may be related to how the addresses are formatted. In the South Waterfront neighborhood and surrounding areas, there are about 5,000 addresses that begin with a zero to differentiate them from addresses west of the dividing line.

The City Council will be holding a hearing about the change on May 31st. An open house on the topic was to have been held on March 8th. Should the city go forward with this proposal, the addresses involved would change effectively in May of 2020. About 8% of residents with a Southwest Portland address would be affected by this change.

Do you fall into this affected area? If so, what are your thoughts on the changes? Do you think it will help or complicate directions in the city?

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