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"Exploring the Hidden Gems: The Value of Going to Open Houses"

Open houses are more than just a casual weekend activity or a way to satisfy your curiosity about the real estate market. They offer a unique and valuable opportunity that goes beyond merely

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2023 Portland Metro Area Pumpkin Patch List

Maryann's Pumpkin Patch & Christmas Tree Farm List by Maryann

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3 of the top fall hikes around Salem, Oregon

Salem, Oregon, and its surrounding areas offer beautiful hiking opportunities during the fall season when the foliage is vibrant, and the weather is pleasant. Here are three of the best fall hikes

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Top 5 Chores to do in your garden this fall!

Fall is a crucial time for garden maintenance to prepare your garden for the winter months and ensure a healthy start for spring. Here are the top 5 chores you should consider doing in your garden

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